07 March, 2024

Seminar: SynBio Young Speaker Series (SynBYSS)

Prof. Lauersen presented the work of his group as part of the SynBYSS seminar initiative.

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06 March, 2024

SSB group's research featured in ArabNews

The group's recent article about microalgal-based production of fragrant oud compounds was showcased in the newspaper Arab News.

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05 March, 2024

SSB group article selected as journal back cover

The research article by Gutiérrez et al. was selected as back cover by the journal Green Chemistry.

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10 January, 2024

ACS Synthetic Biology journal appoints Prof. Lauersen to their Early Career Board

SSB Lab Professor Kyle Lauersen has joined the Early Career Board of the journal ACS Synthetic Biology.

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09 January, 2024

Prof. Lauersen appointed to journal editorial board

Professor Kyle Lauersen was recently assigned to the Editorial Board of the journal "New Biotechnology".

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13 December, 2023

KAUST INSIGHT news article: The sweet smell of successful wastewater treatment

The recent work of SSB Lab postdocs Dr. Barbara Freitas and Dr. Sebastian Overmans was featured in an article in the KAUST INSIGHT magazine.

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12 December, 2023

SSB Lab visits Mars chocolate factory

Members of the SSB Lab visited the chocolate factory operated by Mars Inc. in nearby KAEC.

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29 November, 2023

Invited talk at Bielefeld University

Prof. Kyle Lauersen gave an invited talk at his alma mater Bielefeld University.

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23 November, 2023

Sustainable Biotechnology Symposium at HHU

Prof. Kyle Lauersen attended the Sustainable Biotechnology Symposium hosted by Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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22 November, 2023

Invited talk at University of the Basque Country

Prof. Kyle Lauersen gave an invited talk to members of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the Basque Country

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18 October, 2023

SSB Lab visitor: Dr. Adrian Nievergelt

This week, the SSB group hosted Dr. Adrian Nievergelt from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (Dresden, Germany) at KAUST.

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17 August, 2023

News article: Algal biotechnologists at KAUST are generating sustainable animal feeds in Saudi Arabia

A project led by Prof. Lauersen and Dr. Claudio Fuentes-Grünewald that involves the cultivation of the microalga C. merolae for animal feed, is featured in KAUST NEWS.

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23 June, 2023

Invited Talk at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn

Prof. Lauersen was invited to give a student lecture and Departmental Seminar at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, Italy. His visit was organized by Dr. Sabrina Carella and PhD student Gabriele de Falco.

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21 June, 2023

Razan Yahya wins Biotechnology Notes Prize

PhD candidate Razan Yahya was awarded the Biotechnology Notes Prize at the Metabolic Engineering 15 Conference in Singapore.

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21 June, 2023

Malak Abdallah presents her PhD work in Singapore

PhD candidate Malak Abdallah presented her PhD research at the Metabolic Engineering 15 Conference in Singapore.

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20 June, 2023

Dr. Sebastian Overmans attends international AlgalBBB conference on Hawaii's Big Island

SSB group's postdoctoral fellow Dr. Sebastian Overmans gives a conference talk at this year's AlgalBBB meeting in Hawaii.

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19 June, 2023

PhD student Mauricio Lopez-Portillo Masson travels to Hawaii

SSB student Mauricio Lopez-Portillo Masson attended the AlgalBBB conference in Hawaii to present his latest research results.

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18 June, 2023

Dr. Gordon Wellman represents SSB group at two conferences

Dr. Gordon Wellman traveled to Princeton University and Singapore to present his latest research.

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18 June, 2023

Melany Villegas-Valencia attends SEED and Metabolic Engineering conferences

SSB group's PhD student Melany Villegas-Valencia presented a scientific poster at the Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) Conference in Los Angeles.

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17 June, 2023

Sergio Gutiérrez presents his research at conferences

PhD candidate Sergio Gutiérrez presented his work at three international conferences in the USA and Singapore this summer.

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